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Made from pure crystalline salt the  lamp emits negative ions which neutralizes and cleanses the air as well as providing a calming and soothing glow. 

Place the lamp or lamps anywhere in the house and particularly near appliances emiting electro magnetic waves. The salt lamps negative ions will help to counteract the negative effect of waves emitted from technological devices. 


Available in 3 sizes : 

small : 2 - 4 kg 

medium : 4.1 - 6 kg

large : 6.1 - 8 kg 


All fittings are supplied with the lamp so all you need to do is plug is in. 

Fittings are the pygmy globe and the 2 prong plug and lead. 

Owing to the natural nature of this product, colours can vary slightly. 


Himalayan Salt Lamp

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