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Our Story

We are a growing company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Originally born as Simply ShweShwe, now reawakened as Sattva Natural Yoga Gear.

We specialise in manufacturing products for the Yoga community.

Meet The Team

Owners of Sattva Yoga Gear with Churchill the company mascot

Churchill is Sattva’s mascot and helps Alex (right) and Sonja (left) find a work – life balance.

Alex started Simply ShweShwe almost 6 years ago. The journey began when after 27 years in the Nursing profession as an ICU and Theatre Sister she resigned to nurture and home school her son who is on the Autism spectrum.  After a busy professional life, the need to continue working for her independence was important to her and combined with her love of Yoga and color Alex started exploring and researching the demand for locally manufactured Yoga props.

Starting on a small budget Alex invested her time into manufacturing her first Yoga bag doing everything herself from the washing and ironing to the cutting.  She particularly loved the cutting of the fabric as it became a moving meditation for her - a time to quieten her mind as she focused on the accuracy of her work. 

For many years she worked closely with her seamster, Ivan, and together they perfected their work.  After 3 years Ivan and his family had saved enough to return to Malawi where they had bought land.


Not being one to give up on her dream, Alex continued her search for another seamster or seamstress. The door opened when Alex was introduced to Malam and Bridgit through a mutual friend.  For the past 3 years Alex has been working closely with these two lovely ladies and their skilful hands to expand the product range to include so much more from bolsters and straps to blocks and meditation cushions. But as her business grew Alex became aware that she was not able to fulfil her vision without expanding her team to include someone with energy, a similar vision, marketing skills and an absolute love of Yoga.

Being a firm believer in synchronicity and timing the opportunity presented itself to Alex in September 2020.  Sonja fitted every possible description that the business needed for it to continue growing.


Young and energetic, a yoga teacher with a background in marketing and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, it was an effortless transition and expansion. With Sonja’s integration there was a natural flow to rename Simply Shweshwe.  Together they chose the name Sattva from the Hindu philosophy of the three gunas.

Welcome to Sattva Natural Yoga Gear.


Why Sattva?

The name Sattva comes from the Hindu philosophy of the three gunas.

In Ayurveda and spiritual practices, we seek to invite and maintain balance of the self, mind, and body through the three gunas.  The three gunas are the modes of existence, being Rajas (passion and activity), Tamas (destruction and chaos) and Sattva being the qualities of balance, truth, serenity, peacefulness, goodness, and positivity.

The History of ShweShwe

We specialize in using the ShweShwe fabric with its bold colour prints. The fabric is coated in a waxy layer with a pleasing smell that is synonymous with Shweshwe.  This wax coating was used in the seafaring days to preserve the fabric as it sailed the seas to other countries. After washing the fabric, the wax gives way to reveal a soft but sturdy cotton.  Our yoga and meditation props are made from pre-washed ShweShwe and your purchase also affords an income to two local families. Malam and Brigit stitch each item with dedication, precision, and love.  We have now expanded our range to include neutral colours. 


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