Support your yoga practice with our natural rubber yoga mat. A high grip PU surface on this yoga mat allows for superb grip with your hands and feet. No more slipping on your yoga mat which helps in preventing injuries. This yoga mat is slightly wider than the average yoga mat and has great cushioning for supporting your joints.

The PU surface and natural rubber base combine to create a yoga mat that is supreme in its grip and traction. It is ideal for any style of yoga. The synthetic PU surface wicks away moisture and allows you the confidence to practice with focus and flow. The natural rubber base is both eco-friendly and anti-bacterial and provides stability and cushioning while practicing.

Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

  • To care for your yoga mat, avoid leaving your yoga mat in direct sunlight. Clean your mat by wiping it with a damp cloth only and leave it to air dry out of direct sunlight. Avoid using body oils and creams while practicing on your mat, these items will stain your mat permanently as the PU surface is highly absorbent.

    • 1850 mm length
    • 680 mm width
    • 50 mm thickness
    • 2.7 kg